Lunch with Luffe

I was in Copenhagen today finishing my visit here. I’ve been staying with my friends Jens and Dodo, which has been very relaxed and fun.  Today I had a great meeting with Phase One, discussing the future of Expression Media.  I’m happy to report that the team there seems to be on the right track, and has a great understanding of the user landscape, technical issues, and what matters to photographers.

But the real highlight of the day was lunch with my 95-year-old friend Luffe Baggesen.  He’s been a friend of the family since 1948, when he came to America to train with my grandfather and be chastised by my great grandmother for smoking his cigars. Luffe has always been a free spirit and a true delight  He has an unmatched joie de vivre, and he takes great pleasure letting the air out of anything he thinks is too self-important.

Jens I and brought the smørrebrød and Tuborg, and Luffe brought out the Akvavit. It was a most excellent lunch.  Not only did we hear some great old stories from the past, but Luffe told us what he’s been up to recently (visiting west Africa), and what he’s scheduled for (making a presentation at the Karen Blixen house about her – they were friends.)  We also pulled out some old photo albums and I made a few copy photographs, including this one from 1951, inscribed by my grandfather. Luffe is the second from the left, and that’s Harold Krogh in the striped suit. Jens’s mother and father are just to the right of my grandfather.

I plan to be back in Copenhagen in 2016 for Luffe’s 100th birthday.