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DAM Book 3.0 Status

We’ve had a number of requests for a status report on The DAM Book 3.0 . Our original intention was to publish the book in electronic form by the end of

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The other shoe dropping

Late breaking news: Facebook has delayed the implementation of the new policy. Send your comments to Facebook today. Link at the bottom of this post. Facebook has just claimed the

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The Instagram Papers

DAM Useful Publishing and ASMP have just released The Instagram Papers, a collection of essays about the current Instagram Terms of Use, and the rights that they give the company.

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16 Years of Seven Cousins

If you’ve ever been to my house, you know what the image below represents. This morning, I shot the 16th installment of the Seven Cousins picture. Every year, sometime between

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Here’s a simplified outline of the problems, as I understand it. The bill seeks to let the government create a naughty list. If you are on the naughty list, or

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Thank you, Richard Anderson

As of July 2011, Richard Anderson completed his term as director of the dpBestflow project, and as the chair of ASMP’s Digital Standards and Practices Committee.  This closes a six

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Editor’s Note: This post was created more than a year ago, and was lost to a blog hack.  Thanks to John Beardsworth for helping to sort out the hack, as well

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Lunch with Luffe

I was in Copenhagen today finishing my visit here. I’ve been staying with my friends Jens and Dodo, which has been very relaxed and fun.  Today I had a great

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