16 Years of Seven Cousins

If you’ve ever been to my house, you know what the image below represents. This morning, I shot the 16th installment of the Seven Cousins picture. Every year, sometime between spring and fall, my kids and my siblings kids all gather in Cascade, MD and make another image in this series. For the last two years, there has been exactly one day in the year when each of the cousins and I have been available to make the photo.


This year was the first time I actually appeared in the photo (thank you Josie for making that suggestion).  It’s been one of my favorite projects to work on – a way to mark time, a visible record of our family, a collaboration between these great kids and me.

My longtime quest to preserve photographs is directly linked to the value I see in documents like this. These photos are incredibly meaningful to me, and I hope that the kids will come to value them as much as I do.

Thanks guys, for making it happen once again this year.