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16 Years of Seven Cousins

If you’ve ever been to my house, you know what the image below represents. This morning, I shot the 16th installment of the Seven Cousins picture. Every year, sometime between

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Fotoweek 2011 Events

Fotoweek DC is coming up as of this Friday. I’ve pulled out some of the best events along with short descriptions, times, cost, and a link to the registration URL.

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For most of the time I was in Mozambique, I was working on a project to teach African photographers how to enter the world marketplace. My typical day looked a

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Richmond South Africa

Click for larger image. Here’s one of my favorite images from my project in South Africa. Hope in South Africa set up a brai (that’s a barbecue for you Americans)

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Editor’s Note: This post was created more than a year ago, and was lost to a blog hack.  Thanks to John Beardsworth for helping to sort out the hack, as well

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