Here are some links to various resources mentioned in the book, and some other stuff as well. If you’d like to be listed, or if you can’t find something that’s referenced in the book, contact me.

Organizing Your Photos Resources

Seminar Handouts



Peter Krogh’s Portfolio



  • Drobo – Multi-drive storage with appliance-like ease-of-use
  • MacGurus – Hands-on help configuring your image storage – Mac or PC
  • Wiebetech – Manufacturer of storage devices – good products that are supported by the company


Other Resources

Blogs, Podcasts and Websites

  • Microsoft ProPhoto Website – THe Icons of Imaging official website
  • John Nack on Adobe – Photoshop product manager John Nack on, well, just about anything.
  • ASMP Strictly Business – How to run your photo business
  • DAMsimple – Robert Edwards from Sydney offers workshops and a monthly newsletter on collection management and workflow
  • Dekepod- Deke McClelland infotains you to Photoshop enlightenment (make sure to check out the MArtini Hour, featuring my editor, Colleen Wheeler).
  • Photoshop News – Jeff Schewe on all things Photoshop
  • NAPP - The National Association of Photoshop Professionals – Scott, Matt, Dave and the rest infotain the hell out of you
  • Rob Galbraith The best place to learn about media cards and readers
  • Luminous Landscape – Michael Reichmann and company about all things in digital photography
  • Mac Edition Radio – Harris Fogel on digital imaging

Forums and Listserves

  • Prodig List – A great online community for professional digital imaging
  • D1scussion (a listserve dedicated to Nikon DSLR cameras and their use)
  • APADigital (a listserve of Pros discussing digital photography issues)
  • ASMP ProAdvice – A place for students and emerging pros to ask business questions