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Digital Asset Management (DAM) via Adobe Lightroom 5

iPad and Android versions now available!

You asked for it. We made it.  Organizing Your Photos with Lightroom 5 is now available for your iPad or Android. This new Multimedia EPUB edition with embedded videos is available now for $34.95. (Plus, it’s free if you’ve already bought one of the other formats. Just mail us.)

EPUB Download icon onlyOnce you’ve downloaded it to your computer, transfer it to your iPad or Android tablet and experience all the control that EPUB provides: text, images and videos reflow to fit your screen, at the size and look you want. Videos, of course, play on command.

Or get it in print

Format_Print_DVDYou get 208 pages in full color, together with the DVD of 7 hours of instructional video, delivered to your door for just $59.95 + postage. 

Other formats? We’ve got them too.

PDF Download 4Download the Multimedia PDF with embedded video right now for $34.95



Or order the DVD of the Multimedia PDF with videos and we’ll deliver it to your door for $39.95 + postage



One Catalog Just Not Enough?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) via multiple catalogs in Adobe Lightroom 5Multi-Catalog Workflow with Lightroom 5 demystifies the process of working with multiple Lightroom catalogs. Building on the principles first laid out in The DAM Book, this multimedia guide establishes the principles of solid multi-catalog workflow, defines the terminology that is necessary to understand the process, and then shows you the workflows in action.

Packed with more than three and a half hours of videos and clear step-by-step lists, it will help intermediate and advanced Lightroom users create clarity in their workflows.