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The DAM Book 3

The Dam Book 3 expands its scope to include mobile, cloud, connectivity, Articifial Intelligence and more. All this in addition to the information you expect on building and managing your photo and media library.  Blog post here.

A visual culture
The creation, use and management of digital images has transformed in the last few years. The integration of mobile devices into our daily lives has increased the pace and importance of visual communication. We now expect photographic imagery to be a part of nearly every exchange of information.

Cameras everywhere and everywhen
Mobile devices and cloud services have also created an expectation that we can have access to our important media wherever we are. Indeed, in order to use media, we need to have access to it. If it’s not available when you need it, it might as well not exist.

A New Approach
In the first and second DAM Books, my intention was to help photographers build safe and usable private archives, and to show how to get the most out of your images. The developments outlined above have profoundly impacted the landscape of visual media management, and the private archive is no longer sufficient.

The creation and use of visual media is fast becoming a born-connected, online-first experience. Effective management of your images must include connection as an integral element – not an afterthought.  I have restructured and rewritten The DAM Book 3 to help readers navigate this new reality.

Of course, the new connectedness does not mean that the era of keeping the private, self-hosted archive is over. Quite the contrary. It’s as important as ever to build a comprehensive library of your media stored on drives that are in your possession. If you care about preserving the media, this is an essential element of proper  management. I will continue to outline best practice for this, while showing how that private archive can integrate with connected tools.

The Whole ecosystem
As with the earlier versions of the book, readers can expect to find a wholistic approach to the creation, storage and deployment of your photographic media. And like my other books, this one will address the entire ecosystem in a very complete and unified manner. I expect that, once again, I’ll be breaking ground in defining the elements of the visual media ecosystem.

The DAM Book 3 – Table of Contents

1 – A New Visual Language
Mobile > Digital
Beyond the Rectangle
Photo as Platform for Information or Commerce
A Multi-image World
Speaking the Language
Rights and Permissions
A Brave New World

2 – A Digital Photography Ecosystem
The Digital Photography Ecosystem
The Elements of the Ecosystem
Ecosystem Examples
The Prime Directive, and Hierarchy of Needs
Digital Asset Management Software
Understanding the Data Lifecycle
An Integrated Collection
The Digital Object
The Media Library
Originals and Derivatives
Connected Libraries
Managing Projects
The Cloud

3 – File Types and Image Editing
Read Only v. Rewritable
The Digital Image
Traditional Image Editing
Parametric Image Editing
Limitations of Parametric Image Editing
Image File Types
DNG as a Parametric Image-Editing Solution
Other Media Formats

4 – How Metadata Works
Metadata: An Introduction
How is Metadata Generated?
Keywords and Other Descriptors
Metadata Schema
GPS Metadata
Auto Tagging Metadata
Keywording Services
Project Metadata
Metadata Handling
Language Localization

5 – Using Metadata
A Cohesive Metadata Strategy
Searching and Filtering Metadata
Using Keywords
Tagging for People
Tagging for Location
Prioritizing Images with Ratings
Tagging for Intention
Tagging Images for Ownership, Rights and Licensing
Preserving Curation and Usage History
Adding AI and Other Services

6 – Filesystems, Files and Folders
Conventional File Storage: An Overview
File Naming
Works-in-Progress: Files and Folders
Library: Files and Folders
Projects: Files and Folders
Synchronized Filesystems
When the Application Owns the Storage
Store in Cloud, Download On-demand

7 – Data Storage Hardware
Your Storage System
Hard drive 101
SSD 101
Drive Connection Types
Drive Speed and Performance
Purchasing Drives
Drive Configurations: Single Disk or Spanned Disks
Hard Drive Handling
Optical Disc
Media Cards
What to do When Things Go Wrong
System Configurations

8 – Backing Up and Validating Data
Primary v. Backups
Understanding Threats to Your Data
Backup Types
Additional Protections
Backup Software
Protecting Data Throughout the Lifecycle
Putting It All Together: Backup Configurations
Data Validation

9 – Lifecycle-based Workflow

10 – Asset Management Software
DAM Software Overview
Local v. Loud Functions
The Prenup
The Right Tool
Choosing Your Software
Managing Your Catalogs
Using Lightroom
Using Media Pro
Archive Restoration and Validation

11 – Curation
Curation is Creation
A Messy Process

12 – Sharing and Publishing
Export v. Publish v. Integrate v. Embed
Exporting Derivatives
Who Controls the Asset and its Data?
Sharing with Social Media Services

13 – Migration
Data Migration Principles
Leaving Stuff Behind
Migrating Storage
Migrating Taxonomy and Metadata
Migrating Software
Migrating File Names
Migrating File Types
Migrating Disorganized Digital Files to an Organized Archive Structure
Migrating from Film to Digital
Preserving Legacy Systems and Structures

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Buy The DAM Book 2 now, get big savings on The DAM Book 3!


Format_Download OnlyAvailable as a PDF for immediate download for $19.95.