Fotoweek 2011 Events

Fotoweek DC is coming up as of this Friday. I’ve pulled out some of the best events along with short descriptions, times, cost, and a link to the registration URL. As you can see, I’m speaking on Sunday morning, presenting my photos and videos from the Hope in South Africa project.

Lots here to enjoy and support.

Sunday Nov 6, 11am – Noon – Peter Krogh presentation of Hope In South Africa – Free
Fotoweek Central 1800 L St. NW
Join photographer Peter Krogh as he discusses his travels to South Africa’s central Karoo region to document the work of a small Maryland-based non-profit. His travels have resulted in a prolific, breathtaking set of images, as well as a short film. The material outlines the challenges that HIV and AIDs presents to this sparsely populated agricultural community, and how those challenges are being addressed through a total community effort.

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Exhibitions, Lectures and Events
Brian Skerry at the National Geographic  Lobby of M St. building through January 2, 2012.  Amazing underwater work, beautifully photographed and printed.  Free

Friday, Nov 4, 5 to 11pm   Launch Party   $55
Starts at Fotoweek Central from 5 to 8:30 and then moves to the Corcoran until it closes at 11.  Support this great organization, and attend a great party.

Saturday, Nov 5, 8pm to 4am  Nightvisions all-night photo contest $10
All photographers are invited to create images digitally, including cell phone photos, during this one night. Images are to be delivered in person to FotoSpace 1838 Columbia Road. NW. Nationally recognized photo editors, art directors, and gallery curators will select one image from each photographer. Chosen images will immediately be printed and displayed. All images submitted will be projected.

Sunday, Nov 6, 6pm – ? Slideluck Potshow – $10
For the fourth year in a row Slideluck Potshow is teaming up with FotoWeekDC for what promises to be a fantastic evening of mingling, dining and slideshow watching! Join us as we enjoy the home-cooked delights of attendees and enjoy the riveting slideshow.
Fotoweek Central 1800 L St. NW

Monday, Nov 7, 6:30 – 9:30pm   Ira Block and David Doubilet from NGS , Sponsored by ASPP, The Power of Photography: HTe Power to Create and Connect

Tuesday, Nov 8, 7 – 9 pm Abelardo Morell – ASMP sponsored Lecture
Born in Cuba in 1948, Abelardo Morell came to the United States in 1962. Since earning an undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College and an MFA from Yale University School of Art, he has been honored with a Cintas grant, a Guggenheim fellowship, a Rappaport Prize, and an Altunas Foundation grant. Morell’s work has been featured in more than 70 museums worldwide, including MOMA, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. He has published a photographic illustration of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and his books include A Camera in a Room, A Book of Books, Camera Obscura, and a monograph, Abelardo Morell.  Navy Memorial 701 Penn Ave NW – Free

Thursday, Nov 10, 8:00 BYT Young at Heart 2 Show and Party
Young hip DC crowd. Photos from Brightest Young Things website’s coverage.  A place to see and be seen. $10 and must be over 18.

Friday, Nov 11, 8-11  Outernational DC – Metro Collective and Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation.  More young hipsters checking, this time looking at the documentary photography of the Metro Collective and listening to the custom beats dropped by Eric Hilton,  $30

Saturday, Nov 12, 9:30 am – 1 pm  What’s Next 2.0 – $9 – $15
A discussion of the evolving nature of the photography business with Mimi Dornack, MaryAnne Golon, Chris Usher, John Harrington, Pam Huling, and Michael Lutzky
1611 N. Ken St, Arlington, VA

Get your free Fotoweek pass!
Free entry into all 3 Fotoweek venues
Fotoweek Central – 1800 L St. NW
Corcoran Gallery of Art – 500 17th St. NW
FotoSpace – 1838 Columbia Rd. NW