Eddie Adams Workshop – an awe-inspiring weekend

I just returned from 3 days at the Eddie Adams Workshop. Tagged as “the premier tuition-free photography experience”, this workshop is a total immersion experience in the best of photojournalism worldwide.  50 top college photographers, and 50 emerging photojournalists converge on Eddie’s farm in the Catskills.

The faculty for the program draws from the absolute best working pros, picture editors and producers. Photographers include Ami Vitale, Stacy Pearsall, Michael Williamson and so many more. Picture editors like Dave Griffin from the Geographic.  And producers are led by Brian Storm and Rich Beckman (my old UNC prof).  Tech support is led by Mark Suban, one of the very best in the business.

Everyone involved treats this event as though it was the most important assignment they have all year. Days start at 7am breakfast, and run through 1 am, with the, um, social hour closing down at 4 am or so. Then everyone’s back at it the next morning.

I had the privilege of representing ASMP at this event, offering some context for the future of the industry, as well as an outline of the resources we provided with dpBestflow.org. In addition to ASMP support for the event is generously donated by Nikon, Apple, Adobe, The MAC group, B&H, Manfrotto, and more.  The reps from these groups contribute a huge amount to the effort – they are, without exception, passionate and experienced members of the photographic community.

If you are a student or emerging pro photojournalist, you owe it to yourself to apply to this amazing, life-changing workshop. You’ll meet editors, colleagues and other industry contacts that will change your career forever.  And if, like me, you’re way too old to qualify, being a volunteer for the Black Team, or providing portfolio reviews is nearly as rewarding.