Capture 1 – Media Pro Workshops

I’m very excited to present some new material for Phase One, outlining how Media Pro can be used together with Capture One. If you’re a Capture One user, this will really help your workflow and your overall collection management. (For those who don’t know, Media Pro is the latest version of iView/Expression Media.)

We’ll explore the capabilities of Media Pro to help with short and long-term workflow.  And we’ll outline how the two programs can work together, integrating metadata and renderings.  You’l see how to get the most out of your image collection, and how to keep it safe and accessible.

We have two programs in each location. There is an evening lecture-style seminar that lasts 2 hours.  The following day, I’ll be conducting a day-long hands-on workshop for a much smaller group.

Here’s the Current Schedule.
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Atlanta, November 9 and 10 – Sponsored by Capture Integration

New York, November 16 and 17 – Sponsored by Digital Transitions

Chicago, December 7 and 8 – Sponsored by ProGear