ASMP Strictly Business 3

The Strictly Business seminar ASMP created in 1994 changed my career. It helped me understand that my business was a business.  It helped me see the established photographers in Washington as my colleagues, and not just my competitors.

Strictly Business returns this year in its third incarnation. It’s coming to 3 cities, and I’m happy to say that I’ll be at each one of these.  My official duties include a presentation on choosing and using catalog software. I’ll be outlining best practices for catalog software, and comparing the various offerings, such as Lightroom, Aperture, Expression Media, and Extensis Portfolio.

There is a really terrific faculty, including Blake Discher, Tom Kennedy, Rich Harrington, Shannon Fagan, Gail Mooney, Jeff Sedlik, Rosh Sillars, Thomas Werner and more.

In Philly, I’ll also be offering one-on-one consulting on the Friday.  (I’m not scheduled to do this in LA, due to a noon arrival at LAX, but that’s subject to change. If you are interested in a consulting session, let me know, and we’ll try to schedule it.)

Our industry is in a state of great change, and it’s more important than ever to keep a nimble and up-to-date business strategy. SB3 is a great opportunity to think about your business as a business, and to focus on the future, while you engage with your peers who are going through the same thing.

Here are the dates: Los Angeles January 21-23, Philadelphia February 25-27, Chicago April 1-3. I hope to see you there.

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