Palm Springs Photo Festival March 27 – April 1

Once again, I’l be headed to Palm Springs for one of my favorite yearly photographic events, the Palm Springs Photo Festival.
I’ll be teaching 3 classes – a Lightroom workflow class Tuesday and Friday, as well as general DAM program Thursday. Schedule here. (Thanks to ASMP for sponsoring the dpBestflow/DAM program).

I love this workshop for a number of reasons. It’s a beautiful place of course, and the end of March can be a nice time to get out of the east coast and into warmer weather. It’s a laid-back event that seems to cover the entire downtown. There are a surprising number of industry luminaries who attend each year, so it’s a great place to network.

Mostly, I think, I love it because it’s really about photography, and not just the techno-weenerie that I spend so much time immersed in. There is a ton of inspiring work to see, and great presentations from many different corners of the medium.

I have a little more spare time than usual at the festival this year, since I’m scheduled from Tuesday to Friday. I’ll be available for consultations, if anyone is interested.

On Friday April 1, I’ll head out to Chicago for the last presentation of Strictly Business 3, ASMP’s excellent weekend-long business and technology mind-fest. If you are on the fence, I strongly suggest making time for this event. This is particularly valuable for photographers who are facing a changing business model, changing marketing landscape, and who are considering the need to add video and multi-media to their services mix. (In other words, pretty much all photographers).