Look3 this Week

I have the honor of making a few presentations for Adobe this week at the Look3 Fesitval in Charlottesville. If you haven’t been, it’s a really great few days of peace, love and photography, in the center of beautiful downtown Charlottesville.

The program started as a back yard slideshow at National Geographic photographer Nick Nichols’ house a couple decades ago. ¬†(I was fortunate enough to attend one of these, and it was a blast.) It has turned into a premier city-wide event, with exhibitions, presentations, and a really amazing group of slideshows projected at the Pavilion. If you haven’t been, I strongly suggest it.

I’ll be presenting some Lightroom and Photoshop Kung-fu on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, which are free to anyone with a¬†Festival Pass, Student Pass, or Big Love Pass. Here’s the description page.