Chronosync Backup Tip: Chronoagent fixes reliability problems

I’ve been using ChronoSync for many years, and depend on it to manage backup from several machines to a central file server. It has worked quite reliably over the years, and I have only had to do some occasional maintenance. That changed over the weekend.

I’ve retired the old 2007 iMac that was my file server in favor of a 2015 model. This allows me more flexibility in drive enclosures, since it supports USB 3 and Thunderbolt.

The 2007 was still running 10.6, which is from 2009, but everything worked just fine. However the new computer (running 10.13) kept failing when I tried to synchronize. I tried everything I could think of – clean install of the OS, run a test sync on newly formatted backup drive, change permissions. And still the problems persisted.

The most common problem was ChronoSync failing during the sync, with a message that the target was not available (even when the target was clearly mounted), or the file just failing to sync.

I was seeing the “cannot locate target” warning in ChronoSync, even when the destination was mounted. After installing ChronoAgent, it shows up as an option in “Connect to:” and behaves just like the server did.

And then I remembered ChronoAgent. This is an option application in the ChronoSync suite which manages the connection from source to destination. After a quick installation, the problems have all seemed to disappear. I’m still testing all the machines that are pointed to the server, but it seems to have solved the problem.

Installing ChronoAgent was really easy, and makes the backup process much more trouble-free, particularly over a network.

I know several people who have complained about reliability issues with ChronoSync. When asked, my new reply will be to suggest setting up ChronoAgent.