A FotoWeek Hit List

The FotoWeek DC calendar is a little daunting, so I’ve looked through it and pulled out some of the events that should be worth attending. This list is primarily made up of workshops, seminars and other talks.  There are also many exhibitions all around the city that are ongoing.


My Presentation
Opening and Closing Parties
Fotoweek by Night
FotoWeekEDU Seminars
FotoWeek Lecture Series
Weekday Evening Lectures
Miscellaneous Workshops

 My Presentation
Lightroom, An Important Tool for Photographers by Peter Krogh
Nov 10 12-1:30
Morton Auditorium , 805 21st Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052, Northwest

Free – Register Here

Opening and Closing Parties

Launch Party
November 10th 8-11 The Warner – 1299 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Closing Party 
Saturday November 17th 8-11
Former Spanish Ambassador’s Residence
2801 16th St. NW
Register Here


FotoWeek by Night
Hipster events throughout the week at venues across the city

Slideluck Potshow
November 11 7pm-Midnight
3401 Water St.

November 14 9pm-Midnight
Open bar and some food (but be ready to rumble for it)
Tropicalia 2001 14th St. NW
Uncover/Discover Reception
November 15 7pm-Midnight
Malmaison 3401 Water St. NW
Open Show DC – Arab Spring and Aftermath
5 presenters with 10 minutes each
MalMaison 3401 Water St. NW

FotoWeekEDU Seminars
A set of day-long seminars at the Goethe Institute 812 7th St. NW
$165 per seminar
Gerd Ludwig – Photojournalism and Photography
November 10
PDN Presenters Rebecca Drobis, Mark Mahaney & Alice Gabriner and Aline Smithson
November 11

Dan Milnor – Self-Published Books
November 12
Tom Mangelson and Michael Melford – Nature World
November 13
Mary Virginia Swanson – Marketing Photographs
November 15
Ed Kashi – Documentary Storytelling
November 16
Brian Storm – Multimedia
November 17

Fotoweek Lecture Series – First Weekend
There are programs all day Saturday and Sunday at The Warner presenting photographic stories from around the world. Free with $5 Festival Pass
Nov 10 2:30 Andy Adams, Online Photographic Thinking The Warner
Nov 10 Rich Reid :Time Lapse Technique
Many Others


Weekday Evening Lectures
Judy Herrmann – Breaking into the Biz – Sponsored by ASMP
November 12 7pm-9pm
Bisdorf Building Northern Virginia Community College
3001 North Beauregard St. Alexandria VA
An Evening with Acey Harper, Sponsored by ASMP
Hear how Acey took all he had learned as an assignment photojournalist and turned it upside down to create the photographs for Private Acts: The Acrobat Sublime, a hardcover book published by Rizzoli .
US Navy Memorial Burke Theater
701 PPPennsylvania Ave NW
Nov 14
Magnum Photographer Larry Towell
November 15th 6:30-8:30
American University
Chris Chrisman discusses his career
November 15th
APA Silent Auction
7:30-9:30 Josephine Butler Parks Center
2437 15th St. NW Washington DC
Reporters without Borders – Magnum Photo Agency

Miscellaneous Workshops throughout the week