Victoria Bampton’s Lightroom 5 book now shipping

lr5-book1In nearly every Lightroom presentation I make, I strongly urge attendees to purchase Victoria Bampton’s Lightroom Missing FAQ ebook. It is a smart comprehensive guide to just about every tool in Lightroom. Even though I know the program extremely well, I find the book to be invaluable when I have a question about the definitive behavior of some tool I don’t use all the time.

The newest version of the book has just been released. So, if you’re a Lightroom 5 user, it’s time to get the new copy.

Not only am I a fan of Victoria’s clear writing and comprehensive grasp of the application, I’m also a fan of her self-publishing venture. She has published the book herself from the first version, offering an ebook along with an optional paper version. I know from my own experience that this is often the only way to make book writing a profitable undertaking. Of course there are great ancillary ways to profit from book writing, but the traditional publishing royalty arrangement is getting more out-of-reach.

So, yes, she is yet another example of successful disintermediation in the photo ecosystem.