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CEPIC – Mass Digitization Panel Discussion

Here at the annual CEPIC congress in Dublin, I’ve been included on a panel that is addressing the technology, challenges and opportunities of mass digitization.  The panel is, from left to right, Nathalie Doury, general manager of Parisienne de Photographie, Angela Murphy, Digital Asset Management consultant (and so much mpore) from The Image Business,  discussion leader Professor Dr. Thomas Dreier, Sylvie Fodor, General manager of CEPIC, and Susan O’Malley from Google.

The discussion included background and progress on two particular mass digitization projects, Europeana and the Google Books project. Of course, projects like these are controversial in the context of a place like CEPIC, where those who trade in intellectual property gather. ASMP has filed suit against Google for the Books Registry project, in an effort to create a fair share of revenue for visual creators whose work is included in the scanned books. While this is likely to take some time to resolve, we have hope that, like the authors and publishers who have nearly come to settlement with Google, we can create an equitable arrangement.

In addition to the discussion of the issues surrounding the Google lawsuit, I presented the case for individual photographers and other rights-holders to crete their own mass digitization projects. We need to learn some lessons from the record companies about making our intellectual property available in digital form. Instead of hoping that the technology will go away, we need to embrace it, and work to create sustainable business models that exploit it.

One of the features of a sustainable business model if the reduction of production costs. To that end, the work I’ve been doing for the last couple of years with the Camera Scanning process can help photographers unlock the creative and economic power of digitized film images. Working with Richard Anderson, Matthew Yake and Darren Higgins, we’re created some great new tutorials on the dpBestflow website that explain the process and how to set it up, as well as a sample workflow. (More on that in another post)

At the CEPIC presentation, I displayed 36 inch prints made from Camera Scans, and the unanimous conclusion was that the quality was excellent, even within the context of what a museum would be looking for. Thanks to the dpBestflow team for getting the material finished and posted in time for the presentation.

presented some sample prints that demonstrate the quality of camera

CEPIC Congress 2010

I’ve been in Dublin for several days at the CEPIC congress. I presented a paper at the 20o7 conference in Folrence, as part of a call for new functionality in the IPTC schema.  (That information was included in th revised IPTC Extended specification, published July 2008).

This annual gathering of worldwide stock agencies is a great place to take the pulse of the industry.  No surprise, topics include Microstock, Convergence, and the Google Books project (that’s what I have come here to speak about.)

ASMP has a great presence here, including Richard Kelly (shown below putting some body-english on his iPhone shooting) and the man who is everywhere, Gene Mopsik. Thaks to ASMP and the dpBestflow project for sending me here.  Check back for further reports on developments here at CEPIC.

Phase One Buys Expression Media

This probably won’t be a huge surprise for a lot of people. Over the last year, many people have asked me about the future of Expression Media. Unfortunately, all that I could say was to wait.  As of today, the first part of that waiting is over – Microsoft has sold Expression Media to Phase One, the Danish company that makes Phase One cameras and Capture One software.

I’m glad to see that the product will be moving to a company that is intensely focused on the photographer. Unlike Microsoft, Phase One only makes tools for photography. I hope this means that the software development will accelerate, and that it will move in new directions that are essential for the visual creator.

Phase One has some offers for existing Capture One and Expression Media customers :

Capture One owners can get a free copy of Expression Media.

Expression Media owners can get a free copy of Capture One.

iView owners can get a free copy of Expression Media 2 as well.

Here’s the Upgrade page.

Press Release here.

Still to Motion – Richard Harrington’s new book

It seems that nearly every photographer is at least dabbling with creating motion imagery, and they often ask the same questions. Richard Harrington has produced (yet again) an essential resource for this group.  Still to Motion is written for the still photographer moving into this new discipline, and explores a unbelievably large number of topics. You’ll get a perspective on storytelling and project approach, camera, lighting, support and computer equipment, and so much more.

The book tracks several different projects, and helps to illuminate the different approaches needed between a music video and a documentary.  The book included a DVD with finished examples of the case studies that the book tracks, and includes a lot of demo and project files for you to pluy with.

If you are a still photographer even considering working with motion, you will find this to be an essential resource. Buy it at Amazon.

As a bonus, the subject of the documentary and music video is Luke Brindley, one of our favorite up-and-coming singer songwriters in the DC area.

Camera Scanning Workshop in New Orleans

Richard Anderson and I will be doing a camera scanning workshop in New Orleans on the 28th of April (doors at 6:00 pm, program at 6:30). We will present techniques for creating reproduction-quality scans from film and negatives using a digital camera and inexpensive copy hardware.  The program is free, but space is limited, so sign up early if you are interested.

This program is brought to you by ASMP, the New Orleans Photo Alliance, The US Library of Congress’s NDIIPP program, and Microsoft.

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dpBestflow in San Francisco April 6

Fresh from the great Palm Springs Photo Festival, I’m about to board a plane for San Francisco (whith the whole family in tow, no less!). I’ll be presenting the dpBestflow material on Tuesday the 6th.  As usual for the ASMP-sponsored events, this is free, but you need to sign up in advance.  I’m told that we are nearing capacity, so sign up soon.

(Thanks again to Jeff Dunas and the PSPF for a great event.  And thanks to the Microsoft Icons of Imaging program for making it possible for me to be there.)

Heading to Palm Springs

We’re packing up the truck and movin’ on from Beverly – Hills that is (well, Hollywood, actually) over to Palm Springs for the Palm Springs Photo Festival.  The fine people at Microsoft have made my Digital Asset Management seminar possible.  I’ll be talking at 2:45-4:30 on Thursday.

The PSPF is one of my favorite industry events. While I’ll be speaking about technology, the festival is really all about photography, and that’s a refereshing break from the non-stop technoweenie fests I normally habituate.  If you’re driving distance from Palm springs and can take a break, I highly recommend it.

If you’re going to be there, feel free to find me and say hello – I’ll be at a lot of events.

And thanks again to the Microsoft Icons of Imaging for making this possible.