Phase One Releases Media Pro

Phase One released Media Pro yesterday, the newest version of Expression Media and iView Media Pro. The new software offers some important improvements, particularly for photographers who use Capture One software to optimize their image files.

Media Pro can now “see” the adjustments made to images in Capture One, so that images can look identical in each application. Not only does this let you see what the image looks like, but it lets Media Pro build web galleries, slideshows and output files that will show the corrections.

In addition, Capture One 6.2 and Media Pro can trade metadata back and forth, so that metadata created in one application can be seen and passed on by the other application. Here’s a video that shows the integration.

There’s also something here for users of Expression Media and iView who don’t use Capture One. The 1.8 GB catalog limit has now been lifted. (Applause) This has been a long-standing user request, and will help users unify their collection into a smaller number of catalogs.  I have done some testing with this, adding large previews to a catalog of 30,000 images. The resulting 5 GB catalog seems to function fine.  I’ll be doing more testing in the near future, and I’m particularly interested in how catalogs that approach the 128,000 item limit perform.

And the software has gotten a facelift, bringing it in line with the user interface of Capture One.

Current Expression Media owners can upgrade for $59, and iView owners can upgrade for $69.