Steve Uzzell

Steve Uzzell photographed by Susan Lambert
Steve Uzzell photographed by Susan Lambert

Having started in the photography business over 40 years ago as the assistant to the editor of National Geographic magazine and a member of their photographic staff, Steve Uzzell has continued his love of making images for national and international clients, and has garnered worldwide recognition and won numerous accolades, including ten prestigious Communication Arts awards.

As an inspirational speaker, his travels are also global — in just the last 15 years he has given the presentation that became his book Open Roads Open Minds – An Exploration of Creative Problem Solving to over 460 organizations in all 50 American states, as well as three Canadian provinces and five other countries, including India and China, to a combined audience of more than half a million people.

Steve is one of Peter’s earliest and greatest photographic inspirations – Peter has long described Steve as his mentor – and so it is fitting that it is Open Roads Open Minds that launches DAM Useful’s new series of author monographs: photo books by leaders in their genres that will both challenge and inspire.

Read more about Steve’s talks here. (And check out that incredible list of speaking clients!)

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