The DAM Book 3.0

You’ve seen the monumental changes in the world of photography. You are anxious to modernize the way you are managing your media collections. And now you have a comprehensive guide to navigate your hardware, software, and cloud connectivity questions.

As with Peter’s previous books, The DAM Book 3.0 aims to help you see the elements as a whole ecosystem. And like the other books, he’s managed to make a complicated set of relationships easier to understand. Peter has come to see the new world of photography as an integrated extension of the one we’ve known all along.

Currently available in one format: PDF with 536 pages.

  • PDF for immediate download: $34.95 

Future formats: DVD,  EPUB,  Paperback



Digitizing Your Photos with Your Camera and Lightroom

A comprehensive step-by-step guide for equipment selection, photo preparation, scanning workflow, tagging, curation and digital photo management. Drawing on the principles used by museums and institutions, the book presents a method that is within reach of millions of photographers, whether they are family historians, corporate collection managers, or professional archivists.

A multimedia eBook: 246 pages + 9 hours of video.


Available in 5 formats:

  • PDF for immediate download: $34.95
  • EPUB for immediate download: $34.95
  • DVD of PDF & EPUB with embedded videos: $39.95 + shipping
  • USB with PDF & EPUB with shipping: $44.95
  • Paperback + DVD of  PDF & EPUB with embedded videos: $59.95 + shipping

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Organizing your Photos with Lightroom 5

Multi-Catalog Workflow - line smallCreate a rock-solid Photo Library, and streamlined workflow. Get your images out into the real world quickly and easily. (Yes, it’s possible.)

A multimedia eBook: 208 pages + 7 hours of video.


Available in 4 formats:

  • Paperback + DVD of PDF with embedded videos: $59.95 + shipping
  • DVD of  PDF with embedded videos: $39.95 + shipping
  • PDF with embedded videos for immediate download:  $34.95
  • EPUB with embedded videos for immediate download:  $34.95
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Multi-Catalog Workflow with Lightroom 5

Multi-Catalog Workflow - line smallThe only book written specifically for Lightroom workflow using multiple computers, users and catalogs.

A multimedia eBook: 113 pages + 3.5 hours of video


Available in 3  formats: 

  • DVD of  PDF with embedded videos: $39.95 +shipping
  • PDF with embedded videos for immediate download: $34.95
  • EPUB with embedded videos for immediate download: $34.95
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To identify and protect your images in the marketplace, having a solid asset management system is essential. The DAM Book offers the best approach. 

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