Open Roads Open Minds

“The Open Road never fails to open your mind. And once your mind is opened, a formidable and boundless power is unleashed…”

Using his striking images as metaphoric illustrations of possibility and creativity, award-winning photographer and acclaimed speaker Steve Uzzell inspires audiences to take advantage of his experience and vision to make any venture an adventure. Uzzell’s approach to his photographic work serves as a universal blueprint for problem solving, teaching us not only to be open to solutions that are unexpected, but that preparation lays the groundwork for magic to happen.

Signed by Steve himself, this 144-page photo book serves as a source of inspiration and makes for an excellent gift (both for others or yourself!)


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About Steve Uzzell

Having started in the photography business over 40 years ago as the assistant to the editor of National Geographic magazine and a member of their photographic staff, Steve Uzzell has continued his love of making images for national and international clients, and has garnered worldwide recognition and won numerous accolades, including ten prestigious Communication Arts awards.

As an inspirational speaker, his travels are also global — in just the last 15 years he has given the presentation that became this book, Open Roads Open Minds – An Exploration of Creative Problem Solving, to over 460 organizations in all 50 American states, as well as three Canadian provinces and five other countries, including India and China, to a combined audience of more than half a million people.

 Sample pages from 'Open Roads Open Minds' by Steve Uzzell

Sample pages from 'Open Roads Open Minds' by Steve Uzzell

Sample pages from 'Open Roads Open Minds' by Steve Uzzell

What others are saying about Open Roads Open Minds

A Unique and Inspiring Book!

“For years, Steve Uzzell has thrilled audiences with his Open Roads, Open Minds live presentation. Now, Steve brings his inspiring message of creativity, passion and open-mindedness to your fingertips in this beautiful book. Based on his work as an internationally acclaimed photographer, Steve shares his vision for creating everyday solutions through the power of his remarkable photographs. This isn’t simply a collection of beautiful images – it’s also a motivating look at how we should approach every problem as an opportunity, every challenge as a chance to learn, about ourselves and others. I’ve seen Steve present many times, and each time I’ve been awed by his message, and of course, his world-class photography. If you’re looking for an inspirational gift for someone, a book they’ll keep on their coffee table and read over and over, this is it. Don’t miss this one!”  – Steve Arneson

Read every word and study each photo carefully!!!

“I’ve had the opportunity to hear Steve present this material in person. This book does a wonderful job of re-creating that experience. I look forward to sharing this book with my colleagues in my R&D and creativity circles. It’s a great reference, reminder, and inspiration. I don’t know of a simpler or more elegant way to illustrate the fundamentals of creative problem solving!” – Paul Germeraad

Sample pages from 'Open Roads Open Minds' by Steve Uzzell

Sample pages from 'Open Roads Open Minds' by Steve Uzzell

Sample pages from 'Open Roads Open Minds' by Steve Uzzell

Sample pages from 'Open Roads Open Minds' by Steve Uzzell



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