This page will contain updates to The DAM Book Guide to Organizing Your Photos with Lightroom 5.

We have a few updates for you. At the moment, these are all form-factor updates.

NEW  EPUB version for iPad and Android

The EPUB version of OYP is now for sale in our bookshop.  If you purchased OYP in any format (PDF, DVD or paperback) and would like EPUB also, please contact us and will we provide a code for your complimentary copy.

OYP Now Available as Single Download
As we changed over to Shopify to fulfill our downloads, we have been able to deliver the book as a single zipped file, rather than as two. If you originally got the book as two volumes, you can upgrade to the single volume for free.

Drop us a line, and we will give you a code to download the new single-volume version.

OYP Now available on DVD
We’ve taken delivery of the DVD version of the book as well. This is exactly the same as the single volume download version described above. We created the DVD version as a convenience for those who would rather take delivery by mail than by large download. The DVD may also be more convenient for storage for some people.

We will be offering the DVD as an upgrade option for purchasers of Organizing Your Photos for a $5 disc charge, along with postage and handling charges. Again, drop us a line if you’d like to take advantage of this offer.

Print copies now available
We now also offer printed books bundled  with DVDs. Want to upgrade from the PDF download version you already have? Drop us a line.