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Downloadable Smart Collections
Downloadable Filter Presets
The Missing FAQ

Smart Collections
Here is the link to the Smart Collections carrier catalog I mention in the book, and listed below are the steps to add them to your existing catalog. Here are instructions for importing the collections into your catalog.

1. Download this file and unzip it.
2. Open your main catalog and go to File>Import from Another Catalog.
3. Choose the Smart Collection Carrier.lrcat file from the unzipped folder.
4. When the Import from Catalog dialog comes up, make sure the image is chosen and click Import.
5. The image will come into your catalog, and all the Smart Collections will appear in your Collections panel.
6. You can delete the image from the catalog and all the Smart Collections will remain.

Filter Presets
Here is the link to the Filter Presets mentioned in the book.
1. Download this file and unzip it. Open a window so you can see the unzipped files
2. Open your main catalog and go to Preferences>Presets and click on Show Lightroom Presets Folder.
3. Wen the Presets folder opens, open the Filter Presets subfolder.
4. Drag everything from the unzipped FilterForDistribution folder into your Filter Presets folder.
5. When you restart Lightroom, you will see the new filter presets in the Library Filter bar and in the Filter Presets pulldown in the lower right corner.

The Missing FAQ
Victoria Bampton’s The Missing FAQ is an essential guide for any Lightroom user. She has created the most thorough documentation of every button, pulldown, menu item, shortcut, and more. You can find it here.

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