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Special Offer! Buy The DAM Book Second Edition, and get a $15 coupon toward the purchase of The DAM Book 3.0

Desk Copies for Educators
We offer free digital desk copies of our books to educators who teach relevant coursework. We also provide discounted physical copies of our books. Please fill out the form below for approval.

The DAM Book 3.0Krogh_140218_5460
I’ve started work on The DAM Book 3.0, which will be a total rewrite of the 2009 Second Edition. I’m including new sections on Cloud Services, Project Management, Video for Photographers and more. The new version will not have workflow sections like the previous versions did – those are now being split off into The DAM Book Guides. Instead, The DAM Book will focus on helping you understand how the elements of a Photo Library can be understood as a total ecosystem. Read my September update on 3.0  here.

The DAM Book 3.0 should be available in electronic form by November 22, 2017. A print version will be available several months later. In the meantime, here’s a bonus for anyone who purchases The DAM Book, Second Edition from us now: you will get a $15 credit toward the purchase of The DAM Book 3.0.

Student Discount
We will be offering discounts on our books when they are required texts for a class and are purchased directly through us. Educators need to contact us to arrange a discount.

We created a special discount for students attending SPE. If you lost your code, drop us a line, and we’ll provide one.

Application for Desk Copies
If you are a photography educator, and you’re considering using one of our books as a class text, we’ll give you a free electronic desk copy. Just fill out the form below and, if your courses qualify, we’ll send you a discount code.