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Looking for iView Replacements?

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking to the National Geographic photographers group, The Photo Society. The topic of my talk was the death of iView (aka Expression Media, and Phase One Media Pro). This application has been a real workhorse for photographers, and especially for this group.

Phase One discontinued Media Pro about 18 months ago, but the real moment of truth is the release of Mac OS 10.15. It fully drops support for 32 bit applications so none of the iView/EM/MP versions can run at all under it. One day, you will upgrade your OS, and all the 32 bit apps will be dead. (Windows does not have the same problem right away, but it’s surely coming).

Life Support
If you want to keep Media Pro running, you’ll need to delay OS upgrade as long as possible. This means keeping old hardware running since Apple does not allow you to install an old OS on a new computer.  This is not a huge problem since older computers are inexpensive, plentiful, and powerful enough.  If you need to upgrade your primary machine (and you will, eventually), you’ll need to have another machine to use the software with.

If you expect to make sure you can run the software, you’ll want to make sure you have a bootable clone backup of the OS drive, in the event your computer stops working for some reason.

Migrating iView metadata
Most of the metadata you create in Media Pro is standard IPTC data which is easily readable by many other programs. In order to make that info readable, you typically only need to export the metadata back to the files.  (Select all files, choose Action Menu>Export Annotations>check all options and go.)

If you have Catalog Sets information, you will need to do some work to make it available to other applications. Note that one thing that will NOT come along is the sequencing of the Catalog Sets.

Migration with Bridge
You can convert Catalog Sets to Lightroom-compatible Hierarchical Keywords using Adobe Bridge along with a script. Install the script, and you can transfer the data with a simple menu command,

Here is a link to download the script.

Programs that read the Catalog Sets
Photo Supreme is an application that can read the catalog sets information directly from the files and convert it to Photo Supreme Portfolios. This requires the use of a script supplied directly by Photo Supreme.

Daminion is a Windows only program that looks almost exactly like Media Pro. It can read the Catalog Sets data natively, so no migration is needed.

A Big List
If you’d like to see a huge list of applications, check out list of applications shown at Impulse Adventure.

Nice numbers

I’ve been testing Media Pro as I record some instructional movies for Phase One. Last night, I combined several of my yearly catalogs into a single larger one. I was able to combine the year 2002-2005 into one catalog that holds 124,000 items and is 3GB. so far, everything is working fine.

This is a significant improvement over the Microsoft Expression Media and iView versions which topped out at about 60,000 items and had a hard limit of 1.8 GB. If this is an indication of how Phase One plans to improve the software in the future, it bodes well for this new version.

Phase One Media Pro can hold a lot more photos than Expression Media could.

Phase One Releases Media Pro

Phase One released Media Pro yesterday, the newest version of Expression Media and iView Media Pro. The new software offers some important improvements, particularly for photographers who use Capture One software to optimize their image files.

Media Pro can now “see” the adjustments made to images in Capture One, so that images can look identical in each application. Not only does this let you see what the image looks like, but it lets Media Pro build web galleries, slideshows and output files that will show the corrections.

In addition, Capture One 6.2 and Media Pro can trade metadata back and forth, so that metadata created in one application can be seen and passed on by the other application. Here’s a video that shows the integration.

There’s also something here for users of Expression Media and iView who don’t use Capture One. The 1.8 GB catalog limit has now been lifted. (Applause) This has been a long-standing user request, and will help users unify their collection into a smaller number of catalogs.  I have done some testing with this, adding large previews to a catalog of 30,000 images. The resulting 5 GB catalog seems to function fine.  I’ll be doing more testing in the near future, and I’m particularly interested in how catalogs that approach the 128,000 item limit perform.

And the software has gotten a facelift, bringing it in line with the user interface of Capture One.

Current Expression Media owners can upgrade for $59, and iView owners can upgrade for $69.