Introducing the next generation of DAM software.

This blog has been quiet, but that’s not because I have been slacking off. For the last year or so, I have been hard at work bringing a new vision to life. On this day of Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with a smart, focused and kind team at Tandem Vault to make something really great.

In many ways, The DAM Book 3.0 was a blueprint for the software we need, not necessarily what is currently available. As web-hosted visual media becomes a primary method of communication, we need a new platform to match. (And by “institution”, I mean everything from a family to a non-profit, small business, museum or corporation.)

All the pieces for the next generation are sitting there on the shelf. Of course the most important part has become utterly commonplace – behavior. We now use visual media and rich media for nearly every purpose, and it’s increasing daily.

We have built our new software, TV3, to be the Grand Central Station of rich media communication, with incoming and outgoing tracks, and easily operated switch gear. We’ve taken the features from marketing DAMs and adapted them to a much broader use.

I’ve been offering sneak peeks of the new software over that the Tandem Vault blog. These include videos that introduce some of the key features. Here’s a sample.

We’re going into a much larger beta phase in a week or so. If you are interested in participating, sign up here.

One thought on “Introducing the next generation of DAM software.”

  1. Tandem Vault is very intriguing and I love the idea behind what it can do to help with DAM. Your blog refers to institutions that could include families or small business owners, but the pricing model for the current version of the product is way out of reach for a solopreneur like me. I would be very interested in beta testing as I have a new program I am rolling out that would benefit greatly if I had a tool like Tandem Vault in my arsenal, but I can’t justify investing time to try it out if I know I would never be able to afford it when the beta is done.

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