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For most of the time I was in Mozambique, I was working on a project to teach African photographers how to enter the world marketplace. My typical day looked a lot like this:After a few days locked in a conference room, however, this group of photogaphers had to get out and shoot something. We headed out to a local music festival, celebrating National Heroes Day.  This elderly gentleman was being escorted down the street. He was trying to tell me something, but unfortunately my Portuguese is pretty thin.

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Here it is on a map.

Panorama – N1 in Northern Cape

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This panorama was shot on the N1 outside Richmond, South Africa in the heart of the Karoo. I used a 14 mm lens on a D700, which really accentuated the beauty of the storm clouds moving in. I’ve prepared this file using the export tools in Lightroom, the panorama stitching in Photoshop CS5, and the Zoomify export command in CS5.

Clicking on the link will take you to a new page that has the Zoomify embedded.

The clouds in this image are amazing when you zoom in.

Richmond South Africa

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Here’s one of my favorite images from my project in South Africa. Hope in South Africa set up a brai (that’s a barbecue for you Americans)  at the community center.  Because of recent rains, many of the kids did not come down from the squatter camps.  So they loaded up the food into some cars and took it up to the camp. As you can see, it was a big hit.

And, no, the dog did not get that sausage he was eyeing, but it was close.

See it in Google maps.

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