You want to be a pro…

I met an enthusiastic emerging photographer at the excellent Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar last weekend.  He asked me what he could do to further his technical, aesthetic and business acumen, as he starts his business. My advice started with a reading list, and here it is.

1. Buy and read The DAM Book

2. Join ASMP, and read the “Professional Business Practices in Photography” book.

3. Join and read ASMP ProAdvice daily

4. Join and read APA Digital daily

5. Join and Read APANet daily

6. Read ASMP Strictly Business blog daily:

7. Read Seth Godin daily

8. Read A Photo Editor daily

9. Attend ASMP’s Strictly Business 3 seminar in one of the three cities in Q1 next year.

10. John Nack

11. John Harrington

12. Strobist

13. Gail Mooney’s Journeys of a Hybrid

14. The Photography Blog: