Rebuild Lightroom Previews to save space, add speed and confirm integrity

I have a new article up on Petapixel that outlines the benefits of a full rebuild of Lightroom previews.

  • Your catalog may be significantly smaller. My two main catalogs decreased in size from 600GB to about 200GB.
  • You may see a speed increase in scrolling – I saw a marked increase.
  • You will be informed if Lightroom fails to rebuild any previews, which may be an indication of a corrupted file (It could also be a file that Lightroom can’t open). The process correctly identified a handful of known-corrupted files that I use for testing.
  • Read the entire article here.

Note that I have outlined a specific work order for this, which I suggest following. I’d love to hear about anyone’s results, either confirming or conflicting with the results I got.

2 thoughts on “Rebuild Lightroom Previews to save space, add speed and confirm integrity”

  1. I use Chronosync to backup the images to other drives.
    Once the archived images have been backed up to other drives, I disconnect one driven put it in a drawer. I take the second backup drive to my friend John’s house. I use as few drives (large, high capacity) as I can get away with. Currently, that is 4 drives for the archives.

    I use Backblaze to back up works in progress, along with a Chronosync copy on local hard drives.

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