NDIIPP Partners Meeting

I spent several days last week at the NDIIP partners meeting.  This is the Library of Congress program that supplied much of the dpBestflow funding. The groups is really an exceptional one, including people from academia, cultural heritage institutions, trade groups and  some companies,  Here are a few of the items I bookmarked from the program.

The NDIIPP website.

THATcamp – The Humanities And Technology unconference (like O’Reilly’s FOO Camp).  This is a yearly event where humanists and technologists work together. They happen all around the world.

Digital Pioneer Dan Gilmore has a blog on Salon.com

Serious 3-D geekery at the Metaverse Roadmap.

Andrew Turner (whom I met at the Foo Camp 2008) spoke about the future of geospatial data integration with digital collections. He’s now CTO of Fortius One.

Cathy Marshall from Microsoft did a hilarious and enlightening talk about personal archiving.

Pergamum is an energy-efficient file storage protocol that uses disks rather than tape.  The disks spend most of their time at rest, and spin up periodically to self-test.

Andrew Maltz spoke about The Digital Dilemma, an ongoing project from AMPAS (the Oscars people) that looks at the issues of archiving motion picture data. They have some great research to be published soon, under their NDIIPP award.

David Ferriero, Archivist of the US, gave a great presentation.  He’s both smart and funny. Here’s his blog.

I also got to reconnect with Howard Besser from NYU film school. I met him while I was at the archiving conference in Den Haag. Howard’s an unbelievably productive guy, working in motion image preservation.