Lightroom Workshop Feb 6, Evening Presentation Feb 5

I’m doing a Lightroom Workshop February 6 at my studio in Kensington, MD. This one is sponsored by ASMP, so it’s a little less expensive than my normal program, although it’s just as action-packed.

Here’s the sign-up.

Also, on the evening of February 5, I’m doing a shorter program at the CDIA in Georgetown.

Here’s where you sign up for that one.


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Creative Lightroom Workflow – Day-long Workshop, February 6

Lightroom has been designed as a comprehensive tool for full digital photography workflow. It can handle download, organization, image optimization, as well as the output to file, print, books and the web. This workshop explores how to approach that process in an orderly and manageable way, with an emphasis on maximizing your creativity inside the application.

It’s common to hear Lightroom users say they love the program, but that they only use a small portion of its capabilities. In many cases that’s because they don’t quite understand the way the program was meant to be used. The program has been designed from the ground up as a guided workflow tool. As someone who has helped guide the development of Lightroom from the very beginning, Peter can shed light on how the program was intended to function – and how to maximize your creative output.

You’ll learn the structure of Lightroom – how to organize a catalog and how to organize your files – but you will also learn how to work more creatively within the program. This is really about linking the capability to sort and organize your images, with the power to make them look great, and the ability to make finished products.

We will cover the following subjects:

Understanding the catalog concept
How to best create and manage catalogs
Importing photos
Keywords and Collection – two very powerful organizational tools
Develop, general use – The general work-order for Develop module
Develop, deep dive – A look at some of the most powerful tools in the program
Streamlined Export – using the power of presets
Making a book – how does this thing work?
Printing capabilities – single images, contact sheets, and picture packages
Customizing slideshows
Exporting your creations as PDF
Exporting Galleries to your iPhone
Class size is limited to 15 people.
Lunch provided.
Attendees to provide their own computer.

Day-long Workshop



So you’ve finally gotten onboard with Lightroom or have made the transition from LR3, what’s next? Please join us as we welcome one of the leading Lightroom experts Peter Krogh for an enlightening evening of creative workflow and imaging technique. Plus, for those who would like a total immersion into the Lightroom experience, join Peter for a full day workshop.

Lightroom – The Creative Hub – Evening Presentation

Lightroom is fast becoming the standard application for digital photography workflow. It offers unprecedented control over the organization, look and final production of your images.

In this presentation, Peter will cover the use of Lightroom as a central hub for your digital photography workflow. He will touch on organizing and managing the images, effective use of the Develop module, and the use of Lightroom tools to put images into usable products like file output, books and slideshows.

Evening Presentation