Help Wanted

New digital publishing company seeks design and production help

DAM Useful publishing is really taking off, and we need to hire some freelance help, possibly leading to full-time employment in the near future. Listed below is our Help Wanted description. Ideally, we are looking for someone who is interested in doing everything below, but we are willing to split the job into several part.


Established author writing about digital photography, digital asset management and Adobe Lightroom has started a new publishing company creating multimedia digital publications primarily for direct sale. Although we’re new, we are experiencing a steep growth curve.

We are seeking designer and production help for our rapidly-growing company. This successful candidate will be detail-oriented and multi-faceted in design and digital production. Good design sense, good production habits and good writing skills are the most important qualifications for the candidate.

This position will be most attractive for someone who is very interested in digital photography, multimedia publishing and asset management. (This means you read about it and play with the tools in your spare time.) The opportunity for growth is excellent. The position will start with freelance contract work immediately, and may move into full time work within a few months.

We are hoping for a candidate who can work locally in our Kensington, Maryland studio, but will consider a candidate anywhere in the world, if they have the proper skills and a good broadband connection.

Principal Duties include:
PDF eBook design and production with InDesign
ePUB development, design and production
Video file clean-up with Camtasia and transcoding with Camtasia or Adobe Media Encoder
Production assistance with marketing, fulfillment, channel development

Required skills
Strong design sense and InDesign skills are essential.
Attention to detail in production environment and the ability to learn new software are also essential.

Preferred Skills
Good writing and editing skills are preferred.
An understanding of basic video timeline editing is preferred.
Database skills are preferred.

Other software environments
This is a list of the programs that are actively used in our publishing venture.
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Media Encoder
Apple Keynote
Apple Pages
Simple Machines
Filemaker Pro
Constant Contact
php, css

Please send resume and contact information to