Good, Perfect, and Single Steps

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the world of digital photography. The images pile up relentlessly. The learning curve is constantly changing. And it may seem like there’s always someone out there telling you that you’re not doing it right. A lot of times, it seems people think that’s what I’m saying.

In reality, there is no one right way. What’s right for you is a combination of capabilities, objectives, time, budget and other resources.

The objective is to do it better, not necessarily to do it right.

I was at the Archiving 2010 conference and a speaker said that sometimes the most important short-term goal is to convince the IT department to not store the backups on the floor of the server room. Everyone laughed – some nervously.

Take things a step at a time – start with the easiest most effective stuff first.

If you don’t have a complete backup, make one.

If you don’t have three backups, do that.

If you already have three copies, make sure you have one of these stored offsite.

Do these even if, internally, things are kind of a mess. You’ll find out that the journey can start, but only after you have taken the first steps.