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NDSA Individual Innovation Award

I just received the Individual Innovation Award from the Library of Congress’s NDSA. The National Digital Stewardship Alliance is dedicated to the preservation of our nation’s digital cultural heritage.  The group

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Palm Springs Photo Festival

I’m headed out tomorrow for the Palm Springs Photo Festival, one of my very favorite industry events of the year. Jeff Dunas does a spectacular job bringing an extremely high-quality

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Link to TWiT Photo

Here’s an iTunes link to the TWiT Photo episode from yesterday (as well as an embedded version) I had gig fun with Leo and Catherine – thanks for having me

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TWiT Photo Tomorrow

I have the pleasure of apearing on TWiP TWiT Photo tomorrow – This Week in Photo. This is part of Leo Laporte’s TWiT media empire. I’ll be speaking with my friends

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Fotoweek 2011 Events

Fotoweek DC is coming up as of this Friday. I’ve pulled out some of the best events along with short descriptions, times, cost, and a link to the registration URL.

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Look3 this Week

I have the honor of making a few presentations for Adobe this week at the Look3 Fesitval in Charlottesville. If you haven’t been, it’s a really great few days of

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