We’re entering a world where an image library is not just a big ball of photos, but is, instead, a platform for communication.

Modern media workflow is increasingly one of connectivity between people, devices, images and data.

Just as the digital revolution did before it, the mobile and cloud revolution has once again transformed the creation and use of visual imagery. And, like the earlier transformation, it’s taken a while for things to gel into a cohesive shape.

Peter Krogh believes that it’s now possible to see where things are headed with the new technology. He writes to foster a better understanding of digital media. Peter thinks the entire industry – and really the entire culture – moves forward when this technology changes from “black box of mystery” to “something I understand.”

The DAM Book Library

Peter Krogh’s new release, The DAM Book 3.0, provides a holistic approach to the creation, storage and deployment of photographic media. It addresses the entire ecosystem of our visually connected world in a very complete and unified manner.

The DAM Book Guides are designed with written instruction as well as embedded videos to better suit differing learning styles. Each of these guides provides a comprehensive course, demonstrating a specific workflow in both text and video.


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