$15 OFF: Buy The DAM Book 2 and get a discount off The DAM Book 3.0

The DAM Book
is the seminal guide to building and managing digital photography collections. It defines all the elements of the digital photography ecosystem, including storage hardware, file formats, metadata, software application types and workflow practices.

Peter Krogh guides you through the entire digital photography ecosystem, showing you how hardware, software, file formats and workflow practices can work together to keep your images safe, and to let you get the most from your pictures.

The second edition was almost entirely rewritten, updating the material for the changed technical landscape. Chapters were added that covered the use of Lightroom, as well as an entirely new chapter on backup and validation of image files. Peter also covered the use of GPS devices and software to geotag your images.

The print version of the 2nd Edition is sold out, but buy the PDF download for $19.95 and get a $15 coupon toward Edition 3.0, due out in late November 2017.