Hard drive enclosures with drives

3.5 inch drives
2.5 inch drives

G Technology 3.5 inch single drive enclosures
I like G Technology drives – very nice enclosures, good quality drives. If you are looking for a pre-rolled option, these are a good choice. As I outline in the book, I suggest buying bigger drives. At this date (May, 2018) the 8 TB is the best price per Terabyte, but they come bigger and smaller.
Note that all of these enclosures should be reusable if you want to replace the drive with a larger capacity one in the future. 
This version of the drive has the older USB3 and Thunderbolt ports. It comes in serveral sizes.

8 TB    $400
6 TB    $300
10TB  $500

Here is the later version with USB-C ports. Note that it has both the Thnderbolt and native USB versions. Note that it allows for thunderbolt daisy chain  This one also comes in larger capacities than the above version.

6TB $350
8 TB $450
10 TB $550
12TB $650

There is also a version that has USB 3 port and a slower 5400 RPM drive. This would be a good backup drive with high capacity at an excellent price.

10TB $370
8 TB   $270

Bus-powered drives

Pocket drives like these are great for backup storage on the road. They draw power through the USB cable.

G-Technology G-Speed EV
These drives can stand alone as pocket drives or work as a slide-in drive for the G-Speed big JBODs. 7200 RPM drives, claiming a transfer rate up to !36 MB/s.

1 TB  $90
4 TB   $180
This version has USB3 connectors and provides a lot of storage for the money in a portable format. It has a relatively slow drive in it, so it’s really a backup drive rather than a working drive. (For fast working drives, better to check out the SSD options).

1 TB     $90
2 TB     $120
4 TB    $170