Digitizing Your photos - a guide to photo scanning with a digital cameraThis page contains links to quick-release camera mount equipment shown in the book Digitizing Your Photos. The book describes a method to rapidly scan photographic prints and negatives using a digital camera.

In the Book

Quick release clamps and plates allow you align your camera to the copy base and get repeatable positioning. This allows you to remove and reset the camera without needing to do painstaking re-alignment. I like L-brackets because they do a great job creating repeatable camera position, but you can also get custom machines flat plates that will keep your camera from rotating.

Camera Plates and Brackets

Really Right Stuff Camera L-Brackets – These are custom milled for many different camera types. they hold the camera rock solid, in a repeatable position. I use these on my own cameras. Click the link above and then search on your camera model.

Kirk is also a reputable manufacturer of L-Brackets with a large selection. These are less expensive that the RRS models.



Sunway Photo – These are a bit less expensive and don’t come in as many variations. I have also used these personally.


In order to set a repeatable position, you’ll want a clamp with more than one screw mount hole, assuming that your copystand camera mount will allow you to use more than one screw hole).  This will allow you to lock the clamp down securely and prevent twisting.

Utebit 120mm Quick Release – this is the cheapest multi-hole clamp I’ve found. I’v bought two for myself, and several for my clients. $16


Really Right Stuff Lever-release clamp – This is a deluxe unit which has multiple screw-mounts. $120

Really Right Stuff Screw-Knob Clamp – This one is less expensive and probably just as functional for copy work. $80


Sunway Photo Discal Clamp – Here’s one that is even less expensive and has multiple screw holes as well as a scale for repeat positioning. $40



The Desmond DAC-38 is the least expensive option for adding an Arca-style quick Release to a copystand that does not have one. It only has one screw hole, so it will be important to check for alignment with a mirror as described in the book. $15

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