Digitizing Your photos - a guide to photo scanning with a digital cameraThis page contains links to monitors suitable for critical imaging work as described in the book Digitizing Your Photos. The books describes a method to rapidly scan photographic prints and negatives using a digital camera.

In the Book

In the book, I only show the use of a laptop monitor for workflow, although in my own real workflow I typically use a second monitor as well. In my studio, I’m currently using Apple monitors, but I’m inclined to get one of the NEC units shown below.  The most important thing you’ll want to do is to calibrate the monitor so you’re seeing the most accurate color it can display.

Profiling tools

At minimum, anyone interested in accurate color should use a calibration tool, as shown in the book.

Color calibration for scanning photos


The least expensive one seems to be the Datacolor Spyder Express. $106



Color calibration device


The budget X-Rite calibration tool is the Color Munki. About $155. Note that this can be bundled with a color checker Passport for camera calibration for $240.

Color calibration for photo scanning


Here is the one I use, the X-Rite i1DisplayPro. $239. It’s a bit faster and more configurable for the power user.  It is also available as a bundle with the ColorChecker Passport for $279.


What to look for in a monitor

If critical color is important to you, there are several things you’ll want to look for in a monitor.

  • Look for a monitor that lists a “wide color gamut” which indicates that it can display lots of colors. Typically, this is stated as a percentage of Adobe RGB color space.
  • Look for IPS panels, which offer better viewing angles than older non-IPS monitors.
  • And for best results, you will want a monitor that can be calibrated, typically with an integrated colorimeter.

Monitors without integrated calibration

Monitors for color photo work

The NEC IPS series of monitors offer 99% coverage of Adobe RGB. Here is a saved search for these monitors on B&H.

Monitors with integrated calibration

Here are some monitors that include calibration capabilities. 
Monitors for critical photo production

The NEC Spectraview series offer excellent color at a reasonable price. (the calibration tool adds about $300 to the price of an equivalent monitor.)

Eizo monitors for critical color work

The Eizo ColorEdge Series have a top-notch reputation as some of the very best monitors you can buy for critical color photo work.

Just so you know:

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