The Federal Agency Digital Imaging Guidelines is a document produced by the US Government to specify process and quality evaluation for digitizing images and other documents. The guidelines were primarily targeted to museums and other cultural heritage institutions, and have some highly technical requirements. In many ways, this book is simply a user-friendly version of those guidelines, providing step-by-step instructions.

There are some important differences between what FADGI recommends and what I suggest in my new book, Digitizing Your Photos with Your DSLF and Lightroom. FADGI requires all master images to be saved as TIFF, which I believe to be an outdated recommendation. It also makes workflow significantly slower and dramatically increases storage requirements. FADIG also recommends that users create a database of items to be scanned prior to the scanning, instead of simply using the database of scanned images.

Despite these differences, most of what’s in my book aligns quite well with FADGI three- and four-star levels. If you are scanning for cultural heritage institutions, make sure to read through FADGI recommendations as you plan your project.

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