Digitizing Your photos - a guide to photo scanning with a digital cameraThis page contains links to film cleaning materials shown in the book Digitizing Your Photos. The book describes a method to rapidly scan photographic prints and negatives using a digital camera.

In the Book

There are three basic ways to clean film (at least without resorting to something like rewashing).  These are blowing, brushing and film cleaner.

Note that canned air and film cleaner may only be available for local pickup through some outlets like B&H. When Amazon offers shipping, that’s what I link to. You can also try to find these items locally. 

Blowing dust

Canned Air – You can buy Dust off or other cans of air/propellant that can be used to blow dust away. It’s a good solution for someone with a relatively small number of photos to scan, but gets a bit expensive and environmentally wasteful for a large operation. 2 pack $14 through Amazon.


Self-contained Air compressor – Here’s a unit that has an integrated air compressor so it is chemical free. $100



Zerostat 3 Antistatic gun – This repels dust using positive/negative ions. I have not tested. $79

Film Brushes

Kinetronics Model 30 Plastic Handle StaticWisk Brush – This is good for a modest collection of film, particularly 35mm. $13

Kinetronics Ministat two-sided anti-static brush Handles film up to 120

Kinetronics KSE-250i Wide Format Anti-Static Film Cleaning Machine This is an industrial-quality film cleaner suitable for  production environment. $1050

Film Cleaner

PEC 12 Film Cleaner Amazon can ship, but not B&H. $9

Edwal Anti-static Film Cleaner 4 oz bottle, also on Amazon. $32