Personal Cloud Backup Services

Backblaze – Can automatically backup all connected drives. This is what I use for my laptop(s). I have an account for each work laptop and each family member’s computer. $60/year/computer

Carbonite – Similar service on cost and features to Backblaze. Not tested. However, here’s a pretty good deal:

Amazon Prime offers unlimited photo storage as part of your account. Using this link gets you a 30-day free trial. Last time I looked, it was not easy to replicate folder trees in your backup.

SmugMug can provide a backup of your entire archive of JPEGs or TIFFs, but does not support raw or DNG.

Whole-archive professional services

PhotoShelter pro accounts offer unlimited storage and support raw file formats.

Corporate and Institutional backups

Libris is the PhotoShelter cloud service that is designed (and licensed) for companies and institutions. In Digitizing Your Photos, I show how you can use Libris as a backup for your raw, DNG or rendered files (in addition to using Libris for controlled distribution of the files). Learn more here, and qualify for a 10% discount.

Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier are enterprise services for storage and backup. Typically, you’ll need professional IT services to implement these.

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