As I outline in The DAM Book 3.0, I strongly suggest that you use large drives. These tend to be newer, faster, and they should be more reliable. I use the Backblaze Hard Drive Report to help determine which drives are likely to be more reliable.

The Seagate 12TB Helium Filled Enterprise drive gets very high marks in the Backblaze survey. $415 at B&H

The 10TB version has a little better price per TB $330 @ B&H



I also like HGST drives and they have two big SATA drives. The first one is a Deskstar drive. It’s labeled for NAS, but it suitable for general storage as well. $310 at B&H

Get the 8TB drive for $254 at B&H

Here is the 10 TB Enterprise version. It is designed for more demanding use, and would probably be a better working drive. (Archive drives, in most cases, don’t have the same demanding use.) It is also suitable for spanned disk devices like RAID and NAS. $400 @ B&H

Here is the 8TB version for $350