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SPE Lecture tomorrow

I’ll be at the annual Society for Photographic Education conference for the next few days. Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be doing a new lecure – Media Management and the Creative Process.

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Hard Drive Shortage?

Due to flooding in Thailand, we’re seeing hard drive prices rise steeply in a matter of days. Large drives (3 TB particularly) seem to be in short supply, and they’re

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Adding 3 Terabyte drives

I recently upgraded one of my storage drives from 2 to 3 TB, and wanted to report some of what I found.  Upgrading drives beyond 2.2TB can lead to some

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Adobe Pop-up Store Monday

I’ll be presenting at Adobe’s two week “Pop-up” store near Union Square in San Francisco on Monday, from 4-5:30 pm. I’ll be showing the work I did in South Africa

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