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Author Topic: Image Processor Pro can only handle a low number of images  (Read 9936 times)
Mathew Farrell
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« on: November 29, 2013, 08:49:06 AM »

Hi everybody. So far, I've found that Dr Brown's Image Processor Pro is the most convenient way to resize a folder full of images (to create web sized JPGs, for example).

I say most convenient, however on my system Image Processor Pro won't process more than about 250 images at once. It get a "No images Processed. Perhaps Empty folder?" error (not verbatim). This number of images that can be processed varies, perhaps with RAM usage, but I'm not sure. Bridge CS6s canned Image Processor can handle all ~2900 images at once.

I'm using Bridge and Photoshop CS6 on a modern Windows 8 machine (16GB RAM, Intel Core i7 3930k CPU @ 3.2GHz) and a separate ~200GB scratch disk)
Whatever method I use to process this many images via Bridge+PS (Bridge Batch of my own scripts, Bridge Image Processor, Dr Brown's image Processor Pro) takes a long time to start (several minutes to bring up the batch/script dialogue then tens of minutes for PS to start working), and is potentially pretty unstable whilst processing. This is related to how many images I have selected to process. Is this standard behaviour?

On a related note, I have recorded several actions to batch common actions (such as adding a clipping path based on transparency). The trouble with some of these actions is that they won't work on all images (some have no transparency, in this example). These images remain open in PS, and eventually clog RAM and stall the process. Without delving into scripting, can anyone think of any ways to clear out these non-processed images?


Mathew Farrell
Flowstate Photography
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