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Author Topic: DAM - Software with hierarchical keywords and file-explorer  (Read 5727 times)
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« on: March 23, 2012, 05:16:01 PM »


first of all, sorry for my bad english.

I'm looking for a stable offline-working DAM-Software with the possibility of more catalogs and an file explorer to transfer photos from one direction to another.

I currently use: iDimager Pro and Phase Ones Media Pro.

iDimager is not bad, but have some really disturbing issues. My naturephotos have hierarchical categories of their system.
For example:
Animals --> Arthropoda --> Chelicerata --> .... --> Pisaura mirabilis.

Every now and than the software change the preference and instead of making one category/keyword (Animals --> Arthropoda --> Chelicerata --> .... --> Pisaura mirabilis), it write ever keyword in the file (Animals, Animals --> Arthropoda, ....). Instead of one keyword I have now 10 or more keywords in one file. To undo all of this stuffs takes to much time.  Angry

Media Pro
Faster than iDimager, but the way, it write the hierarchical keywords can not exported. In iDimager i can choose, in which way it can write this hierarchical structure (for example: | ).

Is there software which....
doesn't cost more than 300
  • is stable
  • could handle a 100 000 files
  • hierarchical keywords, which can exchanged to other software/programmes
  • fast
  • file-explorer to move the files in different directories
  • calendar-function
  • easy tagging like iDimager
  • maybe upload function for facebook

I try currently Daminion, but this is still beta and haven't a file explorer.

Tanks in advance

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