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Author Topic: EM2 asking for product key  (Read 4154 times)
Garth Wunsch
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« on: July 08, 2009, 03:19:00 PM »

EM2 has to be the "buggiest" software I have ever used. Last night when I tried to open the catalog, I got the message "Thank you for trying out Microsoft Expression Media, your trial has expired. Please enter a product key." GRRRRRRR... I've owned the software for over a year. I call Microsoft's non-support line for Canada. "Thank you for calling Microsoft Canada... pleased to help you... IF you have a technical support account... over 300.00 Cdn per year. They don't offer free support because EM2 is regarded as a professional product. I got upset and pushed back... this was not a problem of my making... I'm not paying for support. I had to ask to speak to the supervisor before they relented and gave me a one time free support function. they actually did this on another call too when something else was their fault. PUSH THEM IF YOU NEED TO WHEN IT'S THEIR ISSUE, NOT YOURS. (Canadian support number is 1-800-936-7341) I was to get a call back from a tech support "in two hours". I waited four hours and went to bed at 12:45 AM... now it's next morning, I call back for support and "sorry, we'll have someone call ASAP" ... posting interrupted by EM2 tech calling in  Smiley Problem has been rectified. HOW... typed in the product key... WHY I had the issue... because I had to recreate my Mac user account after getting "bad" advice from my Mac support tech when installing Leopard upgrade (BTW,  once you start an upgrade - I was using the "archive and install feature" which is a VERY slow process - five hours for my computer - NEVER ABORT THE PROCESS or you're gonna be real sorry, just like the warning box says) This Microsoft techie was very knowledgeable and helpful... once I got to him. He even answered questions not pertaining to the direct issue.
All this being said, if LR comes up with a better catalog, EM2 is in big trouble, because I really like the adjustment functionality of LR2 and have to use it prior to cataloging in EM2

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« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2009, 07:27:29 PM »

I'll add that I strongly suggest making a clone of your drive before any OS upgrade (even a dot release). I have heard this kind of story more than once.
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