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31  Software Discussions / Media Pro & Expression Media / EM sets to LR collections? or LR web templates to EM? on: August 02, 2008, 04:31:40 AM
Just this week I've started checking out Lightroom. I have long been underwhelmed by the web gallery options in iView & Expressions Media. There is lots of active development of attractive, useful templates for the web module of Lightroom (, for example).

I don't plan to use LR as my DAM app, for all the usual reasons. I really want to easily take advantage of its web galleries. So, I'm looking for either a way to export set information from EM into LR collections, or to use the great web templates available for LR with EM's web gallery feature.

I can think of a clumsy workaround, like making a set in EM, adding a special keyword, exporting the annotations to the files, importing the files to LR, then selecting images with that keyword and placing them in a collection. Yuck.

Any ideas?

32  Software Discussions / ImageIngester and ImageVerifier / Re: v2.3.x still available anywhere? on: July 03, 2008, 06:29:20 AM
Ok, thanks. If anyone wants to send me a windows version of the non-pro II let me know.
33  Software Discussions / ImageIngester and ImageVerifier / v2.3.x still available anywhere? on: July 03, 2008, 05:34:31 AM
I tried the demo a couple times a year or so back but it wasn't significantly enough better/different from Photo Mechanic's ingest for me to adopt it. A potential use just came up at my new job, and I recollected the free version, which alas I am apparently a few weeks too late for. Anyone know if it is still available anywhere? Do the license terms allow for peer-to-peer swapping of the old free version?

What we have is a lot of people who take not-that-important photos fairly infrequently, but when you add it all up its a mess of image files with meaningless filenames and no metadata. I was thinking of setting it up on everyone's computer and having them ingest into a common folder structure. Its not quite important enough, methinks, for the boss to pay for a dozen licenses but it wouldn't do any good unless every person had it on their desktop.

34  Software Discussions / Media Pro & Expression Media / Re: Expression Media 2 on: June 17, 2008, 05:44:39 AM
I just started running EM2 today and instantly noticed a speed increase over iView 3.1.3. I would never have been tempted to move over to EM if it weren't for continual kernel panics when launching iView under Leopard 10.5.2. Ditto Dierk: the icons are horrid.
35  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / Re: odd thumbnail/preview rebuild behavior - help or workaround? on: November 23, 2007, 06:48:10 PM
Great info. Will do. Thanks!
36  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / Re: odd thumbnail/preview rebuild behavior - help or workaround? on: November 23, 2007, 03:00:52 AM

They are nearly all DNG, with a few jpegs sprinkled in. Right, so if I Synch Annotations and Export to file, then I just re catalog and all is well? That's what I was assuming, but I experimented just a little bit with Clear Annotations, and it doesn't look like I can erase just the Catalog Set metadata. Is this true? It would not be the end of the world, but I'd prefer not to have my set info in the file.

To answer your other questions:

When I change thumb/preview prefs and rebuild, nothing changes! Even if I select only one item, the rebuild has no effect. I have also selected several hundred at once to rebuild; same result. I can see this visually, since it is obvious that the thumb has stayed at 480, and is not either 160 or 640 as chosen. No changes in catalog size or upon visual inspection of the thumbs.  No, this is not expected behavior! This behavior happens in a) this catalog but also b) new catalogs populated using Import from Catalog File.

OK, I just tried DRAGGING 1,000 image to a blank catalog window. This imported all the images complete with catalog set metadata. I am now rebuilding them and the thumbs are coming out at 640 pixel. Catalog size is shrinking as the FSPs are being tossed. Whew. Inexplicable why exactly dragging results in different behavior, but I am very pleased to have a solution.

Thanks for the suggestion, Peter!
37  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / odd thumbnail/preview rebuild behavior - help or workaround? on: November 22, 2007, 07:43:54 PM
I have a main catalog with about 22000 images. When I was first using iView I originally had it set to have 1024 pixel FSP, not realizing the implications of the catalog size limit and my future number of images. Now of course I have bumped up against the limit and want to rebuild without FSPs. It won't do it. I go to Thumbnails & Previews, uncheck create FSP, set the thumb size (I've used both 160 and 640, just to observe the behavior). I then rebuild an item and nothing changes. Regardless of what I set the Thumbnail size to, the 480 pixel thumb that was present before still persists. Ditto for the FSP.

At first, I thought this was a major bug or something, which seemed crazy since everyone here talks about doing just this. I then made a new catalog and imported just a small set of new images (using Import Items-->From Files/Folders) that are not yet in the main catalog. The rebuilding behavior seems just fine. I can set the Thumbnails & Previews settings to whatever I want and rebuilding an item changes the thumb accordingly. So then I created a new catalog and imported using the Import Items-->From Catalog File. I selected my main catalog and waited until it was done and I had a 1.8GB catalog file. Then I set Thumbnails & Previews to 160 pixel thumbs, and rebuilt a few items. No change.

It seems there is something buggy going on with this catalog file, but I don't really understand it. So, I'm looking for help fixing it (is there some esoteric setting I am missing?) or a workaround. I need a smaller catalog without FSPs that has my 22000 images. I could just start from scratch, but I would lose my catalog sets, I think, and any star ratings that I haven't exported to the files, right? (many of my star ratings I applied with Photo Mechanic, so they are already in the file, but not all). I could export all the meta data to the files before re-importing to a new catalog. I assume that would accomplish what I want, but I don't really want all my random catalog sets living in the files. Any ideas?

Most of the files are dng. iView 3.1.3. Mac OS 10.5.1 now, but this behavior was present using 10.4.8 and 10.4.10 also.

38  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / reducing catalog size on: August 08, 2007, 06:58:00 PM
My main catalog is at 1.8 GB and won't save any additional changes. It has mostly full-screen previews. I changed the Thumbs/Preview pref to no full-screen previews and 480 pix thumbs at Med quality. Then I selected all images and did Rebuild item.

I expected iView to rebuild each item without the full-screen preview and dramatically shrink the catalog size. What happened appears to be nothing. I can't detect anything that changed. What am I doing wrong?

3.1.3 on Mac OS 10.4.8

39  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / Re: bug or user error?: iView not saving annotations nor rebuilding thumbnails on: May 10, 2007, 07:46:13 PM
I perform those steps and it *looks* fine in iView at first. Checking the IPTC with PS or PhotoMechanic show that the keyword has not been appended. In the iView info panel the keword appears with green pencil next to it until clicking on to another image and back again. Then it is gone.
40  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / Re: bug or user error?: iView not saving annotations nor rebuilding thumbnails on: May 09, 2007, 09:36:45 PM
Hi Peter,

I guess I'm reviving an old thread. Still having the same issue, now running 3.1.3.

To address the questions you posed:

-Keywords are not saved in the database. I can't export them because they will not stick. If I add a keyword and then click the check, it goes green for a split second and then back to white. The new keyword is visible in the keyword list and the little pencil icon next to it is green. I click to another image and then back and the new keyword is gone.

-If I synch annotations (exporting to original file) while the new keyword is still present in the iView keyword list (ie, before clicking to another image), the new keyword is NOT appended to the IPTC in the file.

-constrain is not checked in controlled vocabulary

-"use built-in thumbnails" is not checked

41  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / Re: bug or user error?: iView not saving annotations nor rebuilding thumbnails on: March 01, 2007, 10:15:30 PM
I just installed 3.1.3. No change. I then tried 3.1.1 also with no change.

3.0.2 solved both problems. I guess I found a bug. I'm glad I kept those old installers around...guess I need to make that a habit with all apps.
42  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / bug or user error?: iView not saving annotations nor rebuilding thumbnails on: March 01, 2007, 08:55:26 PM

I'm trying to figure out a couple of problems I'm having with iView 3.1.2 on an intel mac os 10.4.8.

One: when I make changes to annotations (keywords for example) the manual tells me that when I click to another image thumbnail, my changes should be saved. They are not. Nor does clicking on the little "check" icon result in the metadata being saved. This is a pretty core function. Am I missing something? I have restarted iView and my system to no avail. At one point I didn't notice that the data was'nt saving and it is now costing hours.

Two: I am making changes to DNGs in ACR, then updating the DNG full-size previews, then rebuilding in iView. The changes are reflected in the new iView full-screen preview, but not in the iView thumbnail.

This has not always been the case. Unfortunately, I don't remember when I last updated my version of iView, but I'm wondering if I have to go back to an older version??

So, I'm hoping for a) help in fixing these issues or b) at least the comfort of knowing others have the same issues. Thanks,

43  Software Discussions / Choosing Software/Other DAM Applications / Re: Are cheaper alternatives to Photoshop CS2/Bridge/ACR any good for DAM? on: September 27, 2006, 09:08:35 PM
The next version of Photo Mechanic v4.5 will do star rating and labeling that are compatible with iView and Bridge, so for $150 that will address your needs for "bulk metadata application, keywording, rating and labelling". All that's left is RAW processing so if you can live with one image at a time in PSE that might be a solution. PM is the fastest darn metadata-entering and image-reviewing/sorting program anywhere.
44  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / help with watermarking on: September 22, 2006, 02:29:25 AM
Does watermarking work for you in iView?

I've been trying to use it within the html galllery feature. So far, it appears to me as if the feature is implemented so poorly that it is completely unusable. The 'preview' of the watermark iView displays seems to be based on the dimensions of the original image, so when it is downsized the watermark looks much bigger, and so I can't use the same watermark with different sizes of downsizing. Is this right, that I'd need to make a simple © statement with my name ina different size for every output jpeg size?  Also, the color of the watermarked pixels changes in very ugly ways depending (I think) based on the color of the background image. This makes it more 'visible' in some sense but it is ugly and (for me anyway) unpredictable. If there is a secret to this I'm eager to be in on it....
45  Software Discussions / RAW File Converters / Re: Horrid red fringing in ACR on: September 20, 2006, 04:25:31 PM
It was mostly on-screent, but at pretty much any magnification. Even when downsizing to an 800-pixel jpeg for the web it clearly made the image look bad. I have printed a couple 8x12s and they showed the fringing, too, but I don't print that often. Thanks,

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