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1  DAM Stuff / Migration Issues / Re: Starting the Buckets on: April 26, 2006, 01:26:23 PM

I am also now nearly ready to start the buckets, I want to finish up a bit metadata entering, need to rename files and do some dng conversions.

However, one point about this bucket system which I need to just double check. When everything has been assigned to buckets, you must rely on the catalog software such as IVMP to "remap" your entire system and keep a list/index of where every image actually is sitting. It is only by having a catalog software like IVMP that you can know where the files actually are and that their integrity is ok. Virtual sets are not much help unless the location of the underlying physical file is known.

If you lose your software i.e IVMP, then you lose your list and means of finding anything or knowing where images are. You would have to resort to filename searches in Windows or searchlight on a Mac.

Unless you reinstall IVMP or something equal to "remap/rebuild" your index file, the buckets will be largely useless (except maybe dates in bucket names) to locate anything.

I am thinking about what I would have to do if someone handed a stack of DVDs with sequential bucket names and said, "everything is here". I guess I am stating the obvious, but sometimes I find to state the obvious helps make things and implications of actions clearer.

2  DAM Stuff / Migration Issues / Re: Scanned photographs - How do I treat/add Dates in Metadata workflow on: April 26, 2006, 12:52:27 PM
For Bill and Michael,

I went about scanning the photos by using a flatbed scanner @ 600 dpi and scanning up to 4 photos at once. (depends on size).

Once I had the images digitized, I simply cropped out the individual photos and saved as a seperate file. Whilst it may not have been quickest method, I found when cropping in PS, I could apply a dust & scratch filter and use a healing brush to fix imperfections, remove dust spots, threads or other marks on the photos.

Once scanned, I used IVMP/Bridge to add keywords etc. At least this is a start although have not yet solved the date labeling issue. As I said in a previous post, some of the genealogy software will allow fuzzy dates, maybe someone will write  a plugin for IVMP to do similar in DAM software.


3  DAM Stuff / Migration Issues / Re: Scanned photographs - How do I treat/add Dates in Metadata workflow on: April 23, 2006, 10:24:11 PM

Thanks for response.

I tried putting dates into "Date Created" within annotations of IVMP, if I put in a month and a year, say August 1974, it will convert to 8/1/1974, which is not ideal as it assigns a specific date without alerting viewers that it may not be correct, I might know, but others will not.

If just a year is entered, then it rejects the entry and reverts to blank date.

Some of the genealogy programs accept and manage partial dates such a c. 1932 for Circa and b.1986 for before, some also use a.<date> to indicate about.

So far I have been entering what is known about a date into the file name, e.g. "Dad, circa 1934 at Turner St" but this is messy and not ideal in the long run.

There may not be a ready answer to this question yet, as I ultimately want the software to recognize dates (partial and approx.) from one or several fields within standard data.

I would have thought the ITPC must have considered this fuzzy date issue when dealing with Press photos where the exact dates were unknown.

Hopefully, more people will read this thread and contribute with knowledge.


4  DAM Stuff / Migration Issues / Scanned photographs - How do I treat/add Dates in Metadata workflow on: April 22, 2006, 03:28:13 AM
I am looking for ideas, shared experience or advice from forum users surrounding workflow for adding/integrating scanned photographs to a DAM system.

I have been scanning my old photos, including old family photos, some dating back over 60 years.

Digital camera files hold date & time in the exif data, however how do I embed date and time data into scanned files (when sometimes I will only know (guess) an approx year or even decade that the shot was taken.

I want to able to use a consistent field for time sorting of files, for renaming, searching, etc. I realise that I could simply use keywords
as a proxy for dates, but this would produce inconsistent searching and sorting where some files have exif and some have keyword metadata.

I am sure that users of this forum must have faced this same issue, or know of others who have. Unfortunately, Peter's excellent DAM book did not cover this material in any depth.

Look forward to hearing others experience.

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