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: Image Import feedback welcome !
: AntiWendel February 14, 2012, 09:59:04 AM
As a commercial high-volume photographer since 20 years, I wasn't happy with the available software for my photoshoots.
The workflow from shooting to archiving incorporated lots of manual work,
and many different (slow and clumsy) applications, which was very time-consuming.
There was also plenty of opportunity for human errors in many applications.
Manually filling out overly detailed dialogs, trying not to enter the wrong information or make any mistakes,
was very hard, specially if you were working under stress.
Watching progressbars and spinning beachballs quickly slowed you down.
Batch-processing images could take hours.
Metadata tagging was confusing, with many different tagging standards and little structure.
Validating RAW files was extremely slow and difficult, even impossible for most RAW formats.
These are common tasks that a photographer does hundreds, maybe thousands of times...

So I developed Image Import:

It's being used by H&M to improve their workflow, saving time and money.
There is a downloadable Demo on the site.
Your feedback is welcome !


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